Designs to make everyday extraordinary.


A collection of completed work (Residential Projects).  Photography in this Gallery courtesy of Abraham Odrezin.



Design through listening


L&O strives to provide quality design by engaging our clients and listening to the things that are important to their use of a space or development.  Highlighting a property to ensure it functions as intended and enhances the experience of its participants. 




Intelligent design

Whether a single residence or multi-acre development, L&O believes the details are what make a good project a truly great one.  Our goal is to enhance the experience by being mindful of even the minor details.


Sense of Place

Creating a space that influences the way a client experiences their space is our mission. Programming a space to reflect the uses of the participant while enhancing their experience within the space.



Drawing with a plan

L&O offers everything from quickly sketched schematic drawings to cold hard CAD construction documents.  We utilize various mediums and media to stay up-to-date and integrate the best fit for a projects needs and a clients tastes. 


Photographic memory

L&O provides photo documentation for projects as well as marketing and publication needs.  We also offer a variety of mediums and options.  Photography fees are based on scope of project and intended use.  Please inquire about your next project. 

Our philosophy is providing quality design through engaging our clients in the design process and ensuring their wishes are programmed into the desired experience with our knowledge and expertise to adhere to the site's constraints and exceed client expectations.